Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They don't make dog kidneys like they used to

It's always fun to read The New York Times. It's one of the most venerable establishments we have in this country, and it's railed against every day by right-wing pundits for allegedly being part of the leftist counterculture. Such is life in this strange world.

Fraught with this bipolar dilemma, The Times editors do make some curious decisions on occasion. But I don't think anyone there had anything to do with a pair of wire stories that ran consecutively in the "News from AP and Reuters" box on (see illustration). If you read both these items, you would have seen some deft spin-meistering from AP's CEO, who's atop an industry just hemorrhaging ad money, juxtaposed with a somber adieu to Paw Paw, Martha Stewart's beloved pup.

So let's say reading those two stories didn't make you hyperventilate and/or start babbling incoherently to yourself. Well, relax. Just scroll down to the item labeled "Summering in Connecticut, Wintering in Rio," click, and read about how the other half lives. You'll be over in the corner and balled up in the fetal position in no time!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Saddam Oil

So, after reading this story today about a station that sold really cheap gas, I couldn't help but think about this segment from Michael Moore's old "The Awful Truth" show. Granted, it's a little dated, but, then, so is this whole Iraq conflict. Tell me what you think.