Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hello and welcome


My name is Chuck and this is my new blog called "Time stops for no one." I named it that because it's the truest statement in the universe ... a universe which, oh by the way, controls time. Only no one controls the universe. The universe controls itself, thank you very much, and isn't going to start listening to you, or anyone else, no matter how much money or power you have. And so the king, just like the peasant, is going to die. It's just a matter of time.

I'll be writing about a number of things here, only I don't know the precise number of things I'll be getting to yet. Someday, just like the kings and the peasants, I'll be dead, and I'll have to stop blogging, and someone can come along and count the number of things I blogged about. It's just a matter of time. That is, if someone takes the time. They might not, and, in fact, no one may count the number of things I blog about until the end of time. Only there is no end of time ... the universe is infinite, and it will continue to expand and contract, just as it always has, forever. So maybe we'll have an answer as to the number of things I'll blog about. And maybe we won't. That's OK. We're all going to die anyway.

How's that for a "Serenity Prayer"? Well, unlike Christianity, it keeps me serene. Christianity, like most religions, is engineered by the people in charge of it to delude the followers into thinking you get to stick around after you die, and there's a magical, mystical parallel universe that nobody sees and hears about where someone who has infinite powers is keeping score to determine where people go when their life in the regular universe ends. And the religious leaders do this so that they can keep the believers in line however they want under the impression they have to get a good score and advance to the next round. Sorta like a game show.

And so we won't be worshiping Bob Barker or Regis Philbin or Jesus around here. Instead I'll just be writing about whatever comes to my mind, and you'll be reading it. Or not, if you or I get hit by a bus tomorrow. Hey, that bus driver's not gonna stop just because you're trying to cross the street. It's next stop isn't for three more intersections, and it's got to get downtown by 3:15. And unlike the bus, time stops for no one.

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Cynthia said...

I did it. I read your whole blog. Well, except for the sports parts... Insomnia is good for something.

You are awesome, Chuck.