Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Linkin' blogs

We're back with a few links, and a weightier post coming soon ...

I have to link to this story for a few reasons: because it is a strangely comical piece of its own merit, because the sports writer thought it germane to use the a quote from the cheerleading coach, because the item, as of about 1 a.m., had not been updated to include information that might be seen as significant like, say, the final score, and because I've met and spoken with Dunbar on multiple occasions, and am genuinely hoping he's OK.

Plus, this could be the indication of a new trend, given it took place on the heels of the infamous cheerleader- banner incident. Clearly, cheerleading- related unintentional violence is on the rise, folks.

So perhaps we should all be glad that the Writers Guild of America has not yet recruited the anarchist cheerleaders to join in its picket lines. I'm usually pro-labor, but it's hard to get behind any group that's led by a guy who comes up with gems like this, from a story on The New York Times Web site:

Michael Winship, president of the Writers Guild of America East, is glad that his union brothers now include the staffs of two programs that have a visceral connection with their young, obsessed audiences.

“These two shows are a big source of news for a whole generation that was not around for the 1988 strike,” he said. “Losing Stewart and Colbert is something like losing Cronkite during the Vietnam War. ...”

And people wonder how Bush gets away with his shit. Say what you will about Cronkite, but at least he pretended to be serious.

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