Saturday, October 4, 2008

Phillies-Brewers Game 3 live blog!

OK, so it's been an interesting day already, so let's get this live blog cookin'! (And immediately after I use the word "cookin'," I get 10,000 hits from Brewers fans.) The Phillies look to win their first playoff series since 1983, and Jamie Moyer attempts to become the oldest pitcher to win a postseason game since ... ever. Brewer broadcaster and lover of conflict-of-interest Brian Anderson has the call for TBS, along with Joe Simpson and John Smoltz, who are pining for the days of Mark Lemke.

The lineups are as follows:

Jimmy Rollins ss
Jayson Werth rf
Chase Utley 2b
Ryan Howard 1b
Pat Burrell lf
Shane Victorino cf
Pedro Feliz 3b
Carlos Ruiz c
Jamie Moyer p

Mike Cameron cf
Bill Hall 3b
Ryan Braun lf
Prince Fielder 1b
JJ Hardy ss
Corey Hart rf
Rickie Weeks 2b
Jason Kendall c
Dave Bush p

Brewers 4, Phillies 1, Aftermath in which I rip Manuel a new one
So two days after the Phillies appeared safely on their way to another NLCS versus the Dodgers, after Manuel actually looked smart with a savvy adjustment to his batting order, it's another frustrating playoff defeat for Philadelphia. Sure, the series is far from over, but a golden opportunity, and a chance to make sure the pitching staff was fully rested for the next round, is wasted. That change in the batting order from Game 2, in which Werth and Victorino were flip-flopped? Manuel inexplicably decided to flip them back, and Victorino, the Game 2 hero, winds up 0-for-4. Sure, Werth got a pair of extra-base hits, but he struck out twice in the early innings, when the tone for the evening was set. No one in the Phillie lineup, with the possible exception of Howard and Werth, is beyond harsh rebuke tonight. Nine hits, yes, but none of them drove in a run. No clutch hitting in a manner that harkened back to a few years ago, when failing to capitalize on offensive opportunities cost the Phils a playoff spot. But it is not about the bats tonight as much as it is about Manuel, again. He can make all the justifications for pulling Moyer after four innings he wants, and I will not buy any of them. Moyer mined all he had from his 45-year-old arm this year, and turned up with a dazzling season and 16 wins for his manager and his team, without which they never would have made the playoffs. He is repaid for this by getting yanked from his first postseason start just as he was settling down from what had been admittedly a wild start, just as he was beginning to fool batters with stuff that was tougher the second time through the order, as he had done all season long. He gave up only four hits and struck out as many batters (three) as he walked. He threw 90 pitches, 55 of them for strikes, and Manuel decided he would be better off with Clay Condrey in the fifth inning, who threw 27 pitches and 11 strikes, gave up two walks, one hit and one crushing earned run. It was an earned run that looked as though it would be the winning run in the ninth, as Ryan Howard scored to make it 4-2. But Dale Sveum, in his first month as an interim manager, popped out of the dugout to argue that Howard had not crossed the plate before Shane Victorino had made an illegal slide at second, causing an automatic out at first base and a dead ball. It is an arcane rule, one you would not expect a manager so inexperienced to know well, and certainly to know well enough to persuade umpires to change their call in his favor. Once the run was taken off the board, Manuel came out to argue the play, too, but with the passion of a comatose man. Manuel exhibited none of the fire that could have, if not made the run go back onto the scoreboard, at least let his team know he was not going to let them slip idly into the night. Yes, the run was most likely meaningless. Yes, the Phillies still have a 2-1 lead. But as of this writing, the Dodgers have a 2-0 lead against the Cubs and appear to be headed to a sweep and a space in the NLCS. The Dodgers also have something else: a man who knows how to keep his team on edge and make the right calls most of the time. Larry Bowa is a Dodgers coach and a trusted advisor to a manager, Joe Torre, who has won four World Series titles. It is a shame Bowa, and the overmatched Manuel who replaced him, is not managing the Phillies.

Brewers 4, Phillies 1, Final
Little tapper by Ruiz. Torres throws to first and it's over. What a waste of a good evening I could have otherwise spent on college football! Or, like, actually paying attention to my girlfriend.

Top 9th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
The umpires are huddling and apparently deliberating whether Victorino's slide at second was outside the basepaths. OK, wow, this sucks: the run comes off the board, because apparently Victorino went into second before Howard crossed home, and because he went out of the basepaths and tried to interfere with the throw to first, Feliz was automatically out at first and Howard does not score.

Top 9th, Brewers 4, Phillies 2
Victorino, with a two-strike count, lifts a little bloop into left field, and the bases are loaded! Feliz up and ... Peter Happy does not make me happy. First pitch, grounder to third, out at second, out at first. Double play. Run scores, but it is phyrric (big word meaning hollow victory).

Top 9th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Dobbs runs the count full. Hey, it's the Lidge effect! Apparently neither closer in this series will be pitching anywhere near 100 percent. Dobbs hits a liner into right-center. Howard stops at second, and Shane Victorino is the tying run striding to the plate. Do it again, Shane!

Top 9th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Smoltz is suggesting Howard try to bunt his way on because of the shift. What was that I said about him being a competent announcer? Howard instead slaps one up the middle. Hey, it's another leadoff man for the Phillies to waste! Greg Dobbs to pinch hit for Madson, because, remember, Manuel double-switched out Burrell. I swear, Charlie just does these double-switches for fun.

Top 9th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Ernie Johnson lets us know the Cubs and Dodgers are starting on TNT. God, I really wish Barkley were here right now.

End 8th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Braun lines right to Utley, as the Brewer hitters appear anxious to claim their victory and move on to Sunday. Day game after a night game, folks! Fielder takes big hacks during his at-bat as he strikes out swinging. Here comes Salomon Torres, whose contributions to my fantasy team must be overlooked now. Well, actually, let's hope he completely implodes, just like his last appearance for the Phlorida Phils about a week before the season ended. That nearly cost me $200 right then and there.

Bottom 8th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Mizzou leads Nebraska 14-7 late in the 1st ... Wisconsin 10, Ohio St. 7, USC 20, Oregon 10 and knocking on the door. Hey, it's a disturbing sex phone ad featuring "hot Latinos." Madson strikes out Bill Hall.

Mid 8th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
I'm already formulating my post-mortem just as the Philly beat writers are pounding away at what we can only hope are scathing rebukes of Manuel and the Phillie hitters. 0-2 count to Utley. And Utley skies a fly to center, where Cameron settles under it and records the out.

Top 8th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Werth with another well-hit ball, to the gap in left-center and all the way to the wall again. He pulls up at second with a double. It's big hit time, Utley. Time to pretend it's April!

Top 8th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Jenkins flies out to center, but J-Roll and the top of the order is up. If the Phillies can't make their move now, they're not going to. And ... they're not going to. Rollins hits a dribbler up the first-base line that Gagne gloves, and in one motion, somehow tags Rollins out. Gagne has now pitched three scoreless innings in this series. Unforgiveable, Phillies. Unforgiveable.

Top 8th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
In case you're wondering, Vandy was ranked No. 19 in the AP poll, Auburn No. 13. So probably no top 10 for Vandy, but we can dream can we? Jenkins up for his first at-bat, and guess what! The Phillies have hope! Eric Gagne is in the game!

End 7th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Cameron grounds to Rollins, who flips to Utley for the forceout at second to end the inning and segue nicely into a Frank TV promo. You know, Caliendo was in town a few weeks ago. I could have intervened. I should have intervened. Alas ...

Bottom 7th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
In case you're thinking about Game 5 and CC Sabathia, and the TBS crew is, he would be going on a full four days' rest for the first time in about a month if he were to start that game. Ryan Madson on to face Cameron.

Bottom 7th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Nelson strikes out, and Eyre, like a cyst, is removed. This seems like a good time to mention I won't be live-blogging Game 4, but will probably be a go for Game 5 on Tuesday, if necessary (and it is appearing increasingly necessary).

Bottom 7th, Brewers 4, Phillies 1
Base hit for Kendall, Hardy scores. Runners first and second for pinch-hitter Brad Nelson, a September callup who had seven at-bats in the regular season. He's replacing fantasy baseball bogeyman Russell Branyan on the roster. Hey, why is Eyre still in the game? It's all about Sunday now.

Bottom 7th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Oregon-USC, Ohio St.-Wisconsin games both tied in the second! A pitch-out makes it 2-1 to Kendall.

Bottom 7th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Counsell hits a little nubber up the first-base line, and Howard gets there, but not in time. First and third, one out. Hoo boy. UNC leading No. 24 Connecicut in the third quarter, folks!

Bottom 7th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Hardy hits a solid shot into left for a single. That's nine hits for the Brewers tonight, five of which have come since Moyer left the game. If there is a hell and I wind up there, I KNOW everyone there will appear as Manuel to me. I know this. Hart lays down a bunt and moves Hardy to second. Why should the Brewers give up outs to the Phils here? They're not stopping them.

Bottom 7th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Vanderbilt has held on to beat Auburn! I haven't been this excited about anything the Commodores have done since Lionel was more than just Nicole Richie's father. More face time for Anderson, Simpson and Smoltz, who actually sounds halfway competent. I say the Braves clear out a space in their booth for him right now. If I ever do get the package, I'll enjoy it. Eyre returns for another hellish inning.

Mid 7th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Feliz hits a ground ball that Counsell, shading him right, ranges quite a ways over to his left to field. Bill Hall then picks Ruiz's ball down the third base line and fires to first to whittle the Phils' chances down to six outs.

Top 7th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
TBS shows Bud Selig on camera. What a joke ... Manuel needs to manage the Brewers some time, just so those two guys, who deserve each other, can unite to wreak havoc. Well, wait, maybe not. The Brewers fans don't deserve that. It would be too cruel. Especially since they're all going to probably die of congestive heart failure, or some other fat persons' disease, anyway. (What, too many fat jokes? OK, OK, I'll stop. When midwesterners stop heading back to the buffet line!). Victorino up to try to further redeem the Nos. 2 and 6 hitters. No dice. Hart catches his medium-depth fly ball near the right-field line.

End 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Vanderbilt still ahead of Auburn, by the way, with about two minutes left. Fielder pops up to Werth! (He moved to left to replace Burrell, who was taken out in the double-switch, not Werth. I would say my bad, but it's not like TBS told us anything about Werth moving over to left.)

Bottom 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
It's a guy whose name sounds like a baseball term (error) vs. a guy whose name is a baseball term. So that's fun. 3-1 to Fielder. That's no fun. I'm thisclose to turning this into a college football live blog.

Bottom 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
This lengthy at-bat here to Braun is just torturous. Oooo, Durbin goes way down there and Braun chases it! Strike three! Double-switcheroo time! Here comes Geoff Jenkins into right (which means Werth's bat, right after it strokes a well-hit flyball, is out of the game). Lefty Scott Eyre to face the left-handed Fielder.

Bottom 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
In case you're wondering, Joe Blanton vs. Jeff Suppan, 1 p.m. start tomorrow. Hall puts it in right-center, but Villanueva mercifully pulls up at third. Braun and Fielder are next folks. And like I said, I would feel pretty comfortable with them up and the bases loaded for the Brewers. Dubee visits, presumably to discuss Sunday's itinerary.

Bottom 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Fire Manuel, hire Dale Sveum! Villanueva lines one up the middle for a base hit. Cameron follows with an eerily similar-looking single. Get ready for Sunday, folks.

Bottom 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
In happier news, Vanderbilt maintains its slim lead over Auburn midway through the fourth quarter. In related news, I read an item this week speculating Tommy Tuberville might be the next coach at Clemson. Coincidence? There is no such thing. By the way, the day Charlie Manuel is named manager of the Mets would be the greatest day of my life, hands down. Chad Durbin faces Kendall to begin the inning, and grounds out to short. Pinch hitter is .... great time for a recap here, TBS ... no, it's Villanueva!

Mid 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Replay confirms Howard might have been safe at first. But Manuel didn't feel it was worth getting his fat ass out of the dugout to argue. Burrell ground to third and, with the leadoff man at third, no one out, and the heart of the order up, the Phils get just one run.

Top 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Some face time for the TBS crew. Chipping away at this isn't going to work for the Phillies unless the bullpen is airtight, which is probably won't be. Villanueva is indeed the man on the mound. Huge at-bat for Burrell. Let's hope he doesn't still think it's 2006.

Top 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 1
Howard with a little tapper to third, Werth scores, and Hall, who was perhaps too patient with the ball, barely nabs Howard at first. Two gone, and now Stetter gone, too. I assume now it will be Villanueva. Baby steps. It's Burrell's inning now.

Top 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
Why, TBS, Why? Joe Carter's home run is today's "Game-Changing Moment", brought to you by Viagra. This is just wrong on so many levels. It's Stetter, the lefty, in to face Howard.

Top 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
Utley, on a full count, pops it up to shallow center. Hardy under it. Werth isn't going. Dammit. And we have a pitching change as both managers go to a quick hook. Not clear if it's Stetter or Villanueva.

Top 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
The Phillies now in a position where they must capitalize. Mitch Stetter and Carlos Villanueva up in the Brewers bullpen. 3-1 count to Utley.

Top 6th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
OK, so Werth is up, and we'll see if the No. 2 and No. 6 spots can remain hitless tonight, or if the Phillies get another leadoff man on who they can waste. Whoa! Corey Hart appeared to make an amazing catch on a long fly that went to the warning track. Hart caught it, slammed into the wall, fell to the ground, and the ball rolled out as he hit the ground. Werth chugs into third with a triple. Sveum out to argue it was a catch, to no avail.

End 5th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
Nice job almost picking off Fielder. Good try. Clearly, the Phils need to get their outs however they can get them from now on. Called strike three! All right Brian Runge! I agree with my commenter: someone is getting thrown out for arguing balls and strikes at some point tonight.

Bottom 5th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
Hart walks on four pitches and the bases are loaded for Counsell, whom Anderson notes is the Brewers' best hitter, statistically, with the bases loaded. Yeah, but I'd still rather have Braun or Fielder up, Brian. Nice job trying to justify your fraudulent appointment to this series though. 2-0 count on Counsell.

Bottom 5th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
Hardy flies right to Werth for the second out. If someone wants to pony up the funds, I'll go squat on 2-0 count to Corey Hart.

Bottom 5th, Brewers 3, Phillies 0
Braun hits a sac fly to left, and Burrell foolishly tries to throw out Cameron at home. The throw is cut off as Hall, who could have been prevented from getting to second base on the play, instead is in scoring position with 1 out. Fielder is being intentionally walked.

Bottom 5th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Vandy leads Auburn now 14-13. I may need to drown my sorrows in football if this Phillies game winds up the way it's going. I don't want to see the Cubs-Dodgers if the Phillies lose. I'll have to take a short baseball vacation. Bouncing ball up the middle and it's a base hit for Hall. Cameron speeds into third. My ire at Manuel knows no bounds at the moment. You are so lucky this game isn't in Philly, Charlie.

Bottom 5th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
You just don't yank a 16-game winner after he's given up only two runs in four innings. I don't care if he's 45 years old. You just don't. Ball four winds up hitting Mike Cameron, and Condrey cheaply escapes getting dinged for a base on balls.

Bottom 5th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Yes, Moyer had thrown 90 pitches in four innings. No, he clearly didn't have his best stuff. But he looked better every inning, and had just completed his first 1-2-3 inning. I just don't get this move. Clay Condrey into the game to face Cameron.

Top 5th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
What the hell? Moyer was finally getting rolling, and Manuel pulls him? Stairs is pinch hitting. Goddammit, this sucks. The Phils are stuck with a doofus manager who won't get fired because his players are too good in spite of him. Stairs flies out to center (no surprise). Now Rollins pops up to Hardy at short. Boooooooo!

Top 5th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Hey, a bullfight broke out! Hall and Hardy do the matador routine on Feliz's groundball and yet another Phillie leadoff man is on. Not much hope here, as it's 8-9-1 up. But never underestimate Chooch Ruiz! Or Cooch, as TBS calls him. In case you missed it, TBS screwed up his nickname in a graphic during Game 1. Thank god it's cable, or the FCC would have levied a $10 trillion fine to offset the bailout. Ah, but Ruiz lines out to right. What a pussy!

End 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Vanderbilt has it in the red zone down 13-7 to Auburn in the third quarter. God love the SEC! You know, I always thought there would be another pro league to challenge the NFL's supremacy, and now here it is.

Bottom 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Full count to Jason Kendall, whom I will always regard as a Pirate, if not because he played there for so many years but because he looks like one. When he retires, the Pirates should just make his face the logo, plus the requisite eye-patch, silly hat, etc. Kendall grounds out to third, and Bush grounds to short to end the inning. Moyer clearly settling down. So is my heartrate.

Bottom 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
That's a bruised knee for Weeks, Anderson tells us. But why should I believe him? Weeks could be reeling from a cocaine bender, and Anderson would never tell us. Counsell grounds out to short.

Mid 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Barack Obama ad running. Do we have a McCain ad to follow? No, it's a Unisom spot. Well, that makes sense. Counsell's first at-bat to start the bottom of the inning.

Mid 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
OK, 2-o count to the Flyin' Hawaiian, who hits one hard up the middle, right to Hardy at short! So that's three innings with the leadoff man on and no runs. Manuel considering starting Matt Stairs in centerfield tomorrow.

Top 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Burrell with a soft fly to Hart in right field, and it's all up to ... guess what! The No. 6 hitter, Shane Victorino! Manuel would clearly be agitated, if he had any idea what was going on.

Top 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Full count to Howard. Utley running, and it's a good thing, since Howard hits a grounder to Counsell at second that otherwise would have been a double-play ball. Now it's 0-2 to Burrell. Suddenly it seems like 2006 all over again!

Top 4th, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Craig Counsell now at second for the Brewers, as apparently Rickie Weeks hurt his ankle on that last play. Utley singles to right, and the Phils have their leadoff man on for the third straight inning. Let's see how they fail to knock him home this time!

End 3rd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Hey, nice! Weeks singles into left field, but Werth fields it and fires to first in time to get him as he makes too big a turn. If he can't get it done at the plate, at least he can do it in the field. Manuel now contemplating moving Werth to left field.

Bottom 3rd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Swing and miss, strike three to Fielder! I've been sitting on this pic, so now seems about as good a time as any to pull it out. Behold, Moyer's rookie card:
J.J. Hardy promptly singles to right, therefore discouraging those with cardboard and really, really good laser printers at home.

Bottom 3rd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Hey, now we get our own homer, David Aldridge, with a report from "the sidelines." Sideline reporter does not equal play-by-play man, TBS, no matter what Craig Sager tells you. Braun flies meekly out to right.

Mid 3rd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
So TBS shows a replay indicating that if Dave Bush had rolled the ball up to the plate on the pitch that got Werth in the first inning, Werth still would have swung. He makes him look bad again as it's now 0-for-3 with 2Ks for the No. 2 and No. 6 spots today. Brian Anderson says, "They're slamming helmets in Philadelphia right now." Go fuck yourself, Brian!

Top 3rd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
So I am reminded Kendrick has been left off the playoff roster. So I guess J.A. Happ is the Phillies' longman. Which reminds me that he made Baseball America's All-Class AAA team this year. Really. I would never have guessed this either. Moyer "plays pepper with Bush," as Anderson says, as he taps back to the mound. Ah, but Rollins takes one down the left-field line for a ground-rule double! And here comes Manuel Watch: Werth is up in the No. 2 spot.

Top 3rd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
So I don't know if this is going national, but there's a commercial for a class-action lawsuit related to a drug that was used to treat pancreatitis. I may wind up taking back what I said about FrankTV. Ruiz flies out quickly to right. Moyer batting for himself, thank God.

End 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
This is the pic currently running on the Yahoo MLB front page.
Says it all, doesn't it? Full count to Hall. Called strike three! Thank you Brian Runge!

Bottom 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Here comes Rich Dubee again, and this time it's a full infield meeting. Please tell me we are not nearing Kendrick time.

Bottom 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Joe Simpson mentions the Brewers were batting .215 with a 3-2 count. Which would indicate you ought to throw strikes to them. Sadly, Moyer does not, and walks him to bring up Hall with two outs. Sigh.

Bottom 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Bouncing ball to Pedro Feliz (anglicized name: Peter Happy), who fires a bullet to first to nip Weeks. Anderson refers to Feliz as a potential Gold Glove third baseman in the making. He's 33 and has been in the Majors since 2000. If he hasn't won a Gold Glove by now, Brian ... Kendall pokes one through into left field for a single, and Bush bunts him to second. It's up to Cameron with two outs. Cue Ferris Bueller reference.

Bottom 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
I've never seen Miller Park from a blimp before, and I have to say ... that is one weird roof. I'd say it looks like the Sydney Opera House, but that's only a vague resemblance. More like ... some Lego project you screwed up on when you were a kid. Moyer's wildness continues as he runs it 3-1 on Weeks.

Mid 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Feliz with a weak fly ball that Braun covers for the third out. The humor level of any and all advertising done by financial institutions has surged immeasurably in recent weeks. Travelers Insurance is the latest unfortunate. By which I mean, they ran an ad, not that they went under! Stop panicking!

Top 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Sharply hit grounder to Hall, who double-pumps to make sure Howard stays at second before firing to first for the out. Smoltz makes the obligatory quarterbacking reference, and Victorino flies out to center. So, if you're counting, and I know you are, that's 0-for-2 for Werth and Victorino today. The Manuel watch continues.

Top 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Burrell looking for his first hit of the series. Bah, it's over in Tuscaloosa, Tide wins. Saban uber alles.

Top 2nd, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Nice job, Kentucky. Now go get that onside-kick! Alabama 17, Kentucky 14, under a minute to go. Whoops! Wrong live blog. Hey, Howard strokes one into left for a good-looking double to lead it off.

End 1st, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
C'mon, I do NOT want my first full live blog of the season to be a Phillies loss! Apparently there was a defensive miscue by Burrell on the Hardy hit. I didn't get a look at it on-screen so I'll have to wait for a replay to see if it was too egregious. Nonetheless, Hart mercifully strikes out and the inning is done.

Bottom 1st, Brewers 2, Phillies 0
Base hit to right for Hardy, and Braun scores. Not good. And now it's 2-0 on Hart.

Bottom 1st, Brewers 1, Phillies 0
Sac fly for Prince Fielder, and Cameron scores easily as the throw goes into third base, still too late to get Braun. Ah, but it could be worse. If vegetarian Fielder had eaten a steak anytime in the last year, that could have been a homer. (Of course, that's assuming you believe Fielder is actually a vegetarian. If he is, he and his waistline are the perfect example of a midwestern vegetarian.)

Bottom 1st, Phillies 0, Brewers 0
Letting go of Ryan Braun had to be the biggest regret of my fantasy season. I cut him loose after a slow start in April, and by the All-Star Game he was the starting third baseman for the National League. Ah, but my fantasy regrets are few, as the Phlorida Phils won the Philly Freedom (might we change it to Phreedom?) league for the first time. I'm still giddy. It's been an unmitigated baseball high all week. But I think it's about to be mitigated. 3-2 count to Braun. Ah, but luck continues to shine! A pop up to Feliz, who's got it for the first out of the inning.

Bottom 1st, Phillies 0, Brewers 0
I know this is territory that has been covered already in this series, but c'mon, TBS! You have four different play-by-play guys to assign to four different series, and you don't prevent the massive conflict of interest that is Brian Anderson, a Brewers employee, calling the Phils-Brewers series for you? I guarantee if Charles Barkley were part of their coverage, he would call the network out for this. And why isn't Barkley a part of this? I don't care if he knows anything about baseball or not (and he probably does). He'd be a hell of a lot of fun and probably improve ratings. Uh-oh. Hall walks, and the ball skips away from Ruiz to allow the runners to move up to second and third. Now, a visit from Rich Dubee. Still no one out.

Bottom 1st, Phillies 0, Brewers 0
I must admit this has been a strange day for me. I was at work all day, which isn't too uncommon for a Saturday, unfortunately, but there was a power outage right before it was time to go home. For no really good reason. Sure, it was raining, but that place has held its power through crazy Florida thunderstorms all summer. And now it poops out? Let's hope it's not a Moyer metaphor. Full count to Hall.

Bottom 1st, Phillies 0, Brewers 0
No one has had at least 10 wins to led his team in victories on the mound since Satchel Paige did it in 1952, until Jamie Moyer did so this season. He won 16 games at the age of 45. Ah, but time catches up with us all. He walks Cameron on four pitches.

Mid 1st, Phillies 0, Brewers 0
No self-respecting baseball fan should ever tune into Frank TV under any circumstances. This advertising onslaught for the second straight year calls for a full-scale boycott.

Top 1st, Phillies 0, Brewers 0
OK, so as we know, the Phillies lead 2-0, looking to eliminate the Brewers in the best of 5 NLDS. Jimmy Rollins strikes out swinging to begin, bringing up Jayson Werth, whom Charlie Manuel has put back in the 2nd spot. Simpson is already questioning the decision to switch back after a successful reversal of Werth and Victorino, who is batting sixth today, in Game 2. Werth affirms Simpson's words by making it back-to-back strikeouts to start it out for Bush. Now that's Bushit! And yet there's more, as Utley chops weakly back to the mound. 1-2-3 inning.


Anonymous said...

Somebody's going to get ejected for arguing balls and strikes, and it will make me very happy when that happens.

Chuck's wonderful girlfriend said...

"You are so lucky this game isn't in Philly, Charlie."

Wait, yes it was. You love the Phillies so much you forget what city you are in!

I enjoyed reading your blog, sweetie. Don't understand the baseball so much, but still think you are adorable. :)