Monday, January 12, 2009

Three random thoughts ...

... about the NBA:

1. How can anyone defend the Jason Kidd trade for Dallas now? Even if you discount the emergence of Devin Harris in New Jersey, as some have, Kidd is just stinking it up for the Mavericks a lot of nights. Sunday's seven assists and four points on 1 of 9 shooting against Sacramento isn't going to cut it, particularly when you turn it over four times. If it hadn't been for what looks like a career year for Jason Terry, the Mavs would be a .500 ballclub.

2. Orlando is for real. Seriously. If you can destroy a decent Atlanta team, then go into San Antonio like they did last night and contain everyone on the floor except Tony Parker, you're doing something right. Parker only went to the line four times, too, which is even more impressive. The other point guard on the floor, Jameer Nelson, is the X factor for the Magic. When he plays like he did last night, draining three from behind the arc and piling up 22 points, Orlando can beat anyone.

3. Don't let the score fool you. The Celtics' win over the Raptors last night had a lot more to do with an aberrant shooting night from Ray Allen than any sort of righting of the ship. Allen is good for a few nights where he hits eight treys and scores 36 now and again, but you certainly can't count on that or 5-for-16 shooting from the opposing team's best player (Chris Bosh in this case). More indicative of where Boston is right now is Glen Davis, who put up 12 shots and made just one in 30 minutes of run. Yikes.

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