Monday, January 12, 2009

Cellphone hoops theater

Thought I might share a little cellphone video from my outing Monday to see my alma mater, East Tennessee State, hoop it up with Florida Gulf Coast University on the south side of Fort Myers. The action you see here is a well-executed fast break on a night that such success in transition was rare for my Bucs, who were upset 64-61. Adam Sollazzo can be seen feeding senior point guard Courtney Pigram, who misses a runner that ETSU leading scorer and former JUCO Player of the Year Kevin Tiggs puts back for the score.

(I apologize for the funky audio, but hey ... it's a cellphone, you can't ask for much!)

It was an otherwise frustrating night for my boys, who led by eight at halftime but played with little energy as FGCU whittled the margin down. ETSU still had the game in their hands in the final minute, with the ball and a two point lead, but Pigram slipped and fell on a wet spot that a couple of players had pointed out to refs on the previous stoppage. FGCU took the ball and promptly converted a 3-point play to slip in front. ETSU had a final opportunity, but failed to get a better look than an 18-foot jumper for Isiah Brown, who predictably clanked it, and FGCU came away with the rebound, two free throws and an upset victory.

I could start in with a hew and cry about the wet spot, but I won't because the Bucs never should have let FGCU make it so close. ETSU has more talent, and hopefully this loss will stick in their minds the next time they think of letting their concentration lag against an inferior opponent.


Cindy said...

The video is a great touch, sweetie. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Loved it!