Sunday, June 24, 2007

Romanowski spreads himself to play gay cowboy, help people

So ex-NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski showed up on ESPNews Saturday, and had some interesting revelations.

Romanowski: "... I have a movie coming out here fairly soon here called 'Wiener'"

ESPNews Anchor: "Wiener?"

Romanowski: "Where I play a gay cowboy."

ESPNews Anchor: "Romo!"

Romanowski: "I had to spread myself a little bit."

I think what Romanowski meant to say is that he was stretching himself, and not spreading himself, as an actor. But Freudian slips can be forgiven. What Hollywood types in particular tend to be less than forgiving about is when you screw up the title of the film you're in. According to The Internet Movie Database, the title of the film is "Wieners," not "Wiener."

Maybe Romanowski should be taking some ginkgo biloba. After all, he's no stranger to daily supplements, and perhaps we all stand to benefit from his pill popping. Romanowski says to ESPNews, "I'm really into supplementation. I'm into helping people."

So I guess that makes Barry Bonds the new Mother Theresa.

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