Sunday, January 6, 2008

What I learned from a 25 year old Japanese video

From YouTube:

After watching this for about five minutes, I settled on three conclusions:

1. Do not mess with Steve!
2. Don't trust whitey. We Americans are a belligerent lot. Or maybe we just look funny on Japanese blooper reels. One of the two.
3. Japanese baseball simply must be shown on American television, and not just as replacement programming during the writers' strike. We're missing out on way too much entertainment here. Plus, they've got team names like the Nippon Ham Fighters and the Hiroshima Carp. How could you not root for a team named after a placid, ubiquitous and easily catchable fish from a city most famous for being hit with a nuclear bomb? Say what you will about the long-suffering and meek-sounding Cubs, but Wrigley Field was never a fallout zone.

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