Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ya s'pose I should ask Larry Craig for some Ben Gay?

I had planned a summary of Week 1 NFL action, but I was out of town yesterday and started to get sick when I got home. The flu isn't as bad as I had first feared, but ... it's the flu. The worst part for me is always the muscle soreness. My right tricep feels like I just pitched a complete game, and last night my back felt like Larry Bird's circa 1992. I don't feel like I can give you a full post here, and thankfully, since Bud Black is not my manager, I won't be forced to perform with nothing in the tank.

Fantasy baseball woes aside, I would be feeling a lot worse if it weren't for an opening week victory for my fantasy football team, the Rural Virginia Pit Bulls. This occured despite the combined contribution of -2 points by Steve McNair and Fred Taylor, both of whom will be returning punts for the Eagles next week, along with Charlie Frye.

But what else is going on? Reagan's first wife Jane Wyman and the career of Britney Spears both died, but we could see that coming. And speaking of things we could have predicted, Bush has taken his McCarthyism to a new level with the addition of Charlie McCarthyism, featuring David Petraeus sitting right on the president's knee. I love the part where Bush drinks a glass of water and the general keeps singing the song. It's a hoot! Now if we could just get Bush to incorporate some Gene McCarthyism into his act, we'd be onto something.

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Anonymous said...

Even sick you are a laugh a minute...thanks for sharing your talent. Hope ; you feel better soon.