Saturday, July 14, 2007

Maybe he misses Tom Paciorek

Nobody expects their baseball announcers to be poets. No one really cares if they are a gifted phrase-turner of any kind. All that's necessary is communication.
That's not what we got from Ken "Hawk" Harrelson on WGN tonight.

The longtime White Sox announcer produced the following during Chicago's ninth inning meltdown against Baltimore on Saturday:

"Anytime you can take that base, you've got to take it, because of the pressure it does, you know, everything is self-induced."

It's never a good idea to ad-lib a combination of baseball strategy verbiage and modern psychology terms, particulary on live national TV. I can only imagine that therapists who regularly see Sox fans will be double-booked this week.

But the real tragedy is that this is going on while linguist and baseball savant Bob Costas sits at home without having called a nationally televised baseball game for nearly a decade. What a disgrace. Throw the man a bone, Ebersol, and bid on a limited baseball package, or one of the Division Series, or something!

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