Wednesday, July 11, 2007

National No-Sports Day

It's the Wednesday after the All-Star Game, traditionally the slowest of slow days on the American sports calendar. Which invariably yields at once the crappiest and most unintentionally entertaining SportsCenter of the year, in which ESPN is forced to either show WNBA highlights or shove a massive amount of canned features at us, the latter of which is usually an example of just how low ESPN will go. And I always get a kick out of media companies scraping the bottom of the barrel. Call me an embittered ex-reporter, but it's nice to see.

But it also means I might put up a non-sports blog entry today, which I know several of you have been rooting for. There will be something up later on today, regardless, so check back. I have a meeting with the inspiration for the Douche of the Year award in an hour, so things could get interesting ...

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