Monday, July 23, 2007

Who (forgot to) let the dogs out?

I know I've kind of beaten this whole Michael Vick dogfighting story to death around here (though I think the beating has been somewhat less violent than the punishment Vick allegedly meted out to his dogs), but I have to point this out.

I didn't change the channel after Olbermann tonight, and, as it did the evening I woke up from a nap to see grinning maw of Pat Buchanan, something thoroughly unexpected happened. "Live with Dan Abrams" was featuring a roundtable discussion about the latest Vick news. ESPN and HBO bulldog (ahem) reporter Jim Gray was one of the guests, but it was the panelist Abrams didn't book who became the star of the show.

Below is my DVR-aided transcript. [EDIT: And here's video.]

(sound of dog barking ...) Abrams: "Evan Roberts (sports radio host for WFAN in New York), let me ask you, this is a big deal I mean, it seems to me ... someone has a dog barking, which is sort of interesting. It's got to be John Goodwin from the Humane Society.

Goodwin: That's not me. I'm in your studio.

OK, all right, somebody, anyway ... just ...

That has to be my dog, who's uh ...

Who is that?

This is Jim Gray, and I love my dog, and uh ...

All right. Good good good good.

Somebody's at the door.

All right. Good. (snickering) ..."

It was weird and hilarious. Just had to share.

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