Thursday, August 30, 2007

Picture it

Just checking in with a quick post to let you know I'll be back later with a preview of college football, which starts today.

I'm running a bit behind because I'm working on what could be a very special blog posting, if my friend Colleen (no pressure!) will agree to let me use a picture from her MySpace. (And to quash any rumors one might get when there's a picture that a woman is a little reluctant to share from her MySpace, the photo in question does not depict any of her naked body parts, nor any nudity, nor for that matter any body parts. Even though we secretly wish that it did. Also, to quash any further rumors and further my chances of ever talking to Colleen again, she is not the girl in the "JessUsa19" picture.)

Granted, I could have just ganked the picture in the first place, but that would have spoiled on the fun I wound up having. So you see kids, it's more fun not to have taken things from others than it is to have stolen. Unless you're Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs.

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