Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We're getting a little worried about Dan Patrick

In the dozen or so years that personal Web pages have been a part of the popular American zeitgeist, there have been many different ideas about what's appropriate to put on them: a short bio, your vacation pictures, a video of your baby doing things only you think are cute, and of course, pictures of yourself on the toilet.

We've had more than a decade now to sort out what and what not to do with these things, which makes it all the more perplexing why Dan Patrick, outgoing ESPN personality and half of the greatest SportsCenter anchor pairing ever, did this. It's his new Web site, which he promoted Wednesday upon his return to ESPN Radio after several weeks of absence for a three-day farewell stint. Click on the "What's Next" tab for the real fun: Dan in a very amateur-ish looking video wearing sunglasses perched on the brim of an old baseball cap, with a very noticeable lack of TV makeup, talking frankly about his midlife crisis or "self-awakening" as he refers to it. Weird stuff. But then, if I looked in the mirror one morning and saw someone who looked like he'd aged 15 years in two months and realized I just quit ESPN to go work for something called The Content Factory, I guess I'd have a "self-awakening," too.

Even so, I'm not sure I would respond to this new reality by playing 18 holes of golf on a hot day followed by an in-depth monologue about my career path in front of a clubhouse attendant with a camcorder.

DP, if you're reading this, drop me a line. I think my shrink can fit you in next week. Right after anger management with Jose Offerman.


Mark Payton said...

Er, wrong Content Factory... I'm the editor of that site, and I'm not Dan Patrick!sweaty

Chuck said...

Link changed to Chicago Sun-Times article about the right Content Factory. Thanks for the tip and sorry about the confusion!